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Smart Calendar

We help busy people get the most out of their scarcest resource: Time and Attention.  Leave Now sends intelligent alerts based on your calendars to help you stay on time. We sync with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, Facebook events so you can see all your time in one place.  Our alerts adjust for location, traffic and transportation mode, all in real-time -- perfect for busy mobile workers and multi-tasking parents.  Customize the app and build in personalized time buffers so you can stay in the flow, focus on what's important, and leave the hassle to Leave Now. 

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Everett Harper speaking at Women2.0 "How-To" Conference September 30

Tetherpad has great partners...and some near-misses. We've learned from both, and CEO / Co-Founder Everett Harper will speak on Partnerships at the Women2.0 How-To Conference September 30 at 3pm.

Time is precious at a startup, and in his talk, How To Find Great Partners and Lose The Others, you'll learn from our success and failures. Here's a little more about Everett's story and what he's learned.

Everett will publish notes and tips after the talk, but the entire conference will be full of practical advice from great companies like Secret, Google, Facebook and Jawbone. Whether you are startup or a large company trying to work with one, check it out next week!



Effective Remote Communication: Slides from Office Optional conference

If you are a remote worker, work-from-home, or in a distributed office, check out the OfficeOptional site for tools, tips and tactics.

My presentation, The Key Elements of Effective Remote Communication http://slidesha.re/1mZUL0L draws from experience Linden Lab and Leave Now Smart Calendar and is updated with details. Video will be available at http://officeoptional.co

What strategies and tools work for communicating with your distributed team?


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